Monday, 23 January 2012

SKE48 8th Single [Kataomoi Finally] PV's out!

SKE48 are kicking other bands out of the water with this controversial PV and song. I can only hope that this isn't just used for fanservice, but also to highlight awareness for LGBT issues in Japan, a country where it's still considered taboo to be gay, and not many people even understand the background and think it's a lifestyle choice.

This isn't for any religious reasons or anything, as we all know Japan is very secular, it's because they aren't educated. It's not included in any school education, and people who are gay or fall into the 'not straight' category often hide their feelings and live very unhappy lives.

This is more true for girls rather than guys, unfortunately. Gay men are more accepted than lesbians, which doesn't surprise me really. As Japan is still quite backwards when it comes to women's rights, they never had the 60's and 70's feminism age that West went through. So it is taking tiny steps at a time that we can create a better life for LGBT people in Japan.

This release from SKE48 is helping, rather than hindering, as it is very tastefully done and with a really touching story. Aki-P has touched on this kind of subject before (with the Team K song 'Kinjirareta Futari') - but never with this kind of push. I hope this means that he is for LGBT rights and not just after wota's money.

On to the PV's! First we have their title track 'Kataomoi Finally':


Me when I first saw this video clip:

Juritan is a pimp and seems to like all the girls. (Just like in real life?) While Rena and Akane get their hearts broken, there are other pairings and such, and it's very well done. Real emotion is put into this and it shows just how good the girls are at acting as well as singing and dancing. The uniforms for this PV are also unbelievably cute.

Next, onto Shirogumi 'Hanikami Lollipop':


An extremely cute song taking influence from the war years for it's storyline, Juritan has to save everyone from being in black and white. The outfits are gorgeous, and I am glad to see a decent amount of Anna in this clip, she's so pretty and deserves more screentime. Of course Juritan saves the day, as she always does, with her power to turn things back to colour after a little boy (Who seems to be speaking English with a German accent) approaches her in a cafe and gives her what must be a magic flower of some sort. Gorgeous, and in my opinion, the better out of the two B-side PV's, but I may just be being bias.

Next up, Akagumi's 'Koe ga Kisareru Kurai':


A strange PV where each girl seems to be representing a soft drink can in a vending machine. As each girl gets bought by a different customer, she gets warm clothes to survive in. Rena is the last one standing, it seems nobody wants to buy her, her friends offer her warm clothes but she doesn't want them until eventually a kind truck-driver offers her the same clothes and she accepts. Not super sure what is really going on but it's a cool concept nonetheless. Aki-P has also approached this concept before in B-side to 'Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru' - 'Namida Uri no Shoujo' - but again he has changed it slightly and made it a completely different song.

This release is really, really good and we only have a few days left until it's release. So let's all buy a copy and support SKE48!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Winner of SKE48 Giveaway!

Hail to the Chief

I have read all of the entries over and over. I absolutely loved all of them. It was extremely hard to pick a favourite as you all really put an effort in. Thank you all so much for entering and getting involved in my blog! This will probably be the last big giveaway for a while but I promise you will be able to get involved in more projects I am planning for the future.

The Winner is....!


I loved your entry on Morning Musume's longest serving member and how heartfelt you feel about her. All of you, keep supporting your idols! I now need you to comment on this entry with your email address so I can send you the options for SKE48's new single.

Now onto the next item of business. This blog is about to become a shrine to Sayaka Akimoto for 2012. I want to see her in Senbatsu again, and I want to see her HIGHER than her position last year (which I believe was #17) - I also want to bring existing AKB48 fans knowledge of her brilliance and beauty, and the need for her to get recognition. We have to start early, and I am thinking of getting fan shirts and banners made. This is about to turn into an AKParty! Look out for the new look for this blog and the next post, which is going to discuss what WE can do to support Sayaka this year! ❤

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Poll Winner + New Giveaway!

Poll Winner!

The winner of the most recent poll asking the question:

"Which is your favourite Morning Musume album?" is.....

Yeah it's just me, you got a problem?

Fantasy Juuichi!


To say I am confused is an understatement. Picking F11 over 10 My Me or Rainbow 7, or Sexy 8 Beat doesn't make any sense to me, but the fact is, I am an older fan and a lot of you are newer fans. Thinking about this, I don't think this would have gotten this amount of votes if not for the Fantasy DX concert. So it's a credit to the new girls that they can do songs they didn't originally record really well. So I am not going to make any type of judgement. There were a HUGE input of votes this time, so thanks so much everyone for voting! Here is the breakdown of stats.

Fantasy Juuichi - 27% (44 votes)
10 MY ME - 23% (38 votes)
12, Smart - 16% (26 votes)
Platinum 9 DISC - 9% (16 votes)
4th Ikkimasshoi! - 8% (14 votes)
Cover You - 3% (5 votes)
Third Love Paradise - 3% (5 votes)
First Time - 2% (4 votes)
Rainbow 7 - 1% (3 votes)
Ai no Dai 6 Kan - 1% (2 votes)
Sexy 8 Beat - 1% (2 votes)

Second Morning, No. 5 and 7.5 Fuyu Mini-album got one vote each.

Please make sure to vote on the NEW poll!

[Which is your favourite AKB48 Team?]

Right. Now to the giveaway!

Be excited. This is a good one. In celebration of one of my favourite groups, SKE48, putting out a stunning shoujo-ai themed single, I am giving away a BRAND NEW copy of Kataomoi Finally. JUST FOR YOU!


That's right. Whoever wins this competition will be able to choose which version they would like of Kataomoi Finally and have it delivered straight to their house from (This competition is open internationally.)

To enter, you must be a follower of my blog, and answer this question:

What would you say to your favourite idol if you met her?

The winner will be announced 2 weeks from now! Good luck!