Wednesday, 14 September 2011

SKE48 Love [and Giveaway!]

SKE48 were formed in 2008 after Yasushi Akimoto saw how high AKB48's star was climbing, the concept was to have an idol group in a lot of different regional areas. Their home base is the Sunshine Theatre in Sakae, Nagoya.

SKE differs from AKB in a few ways. I personally see them as a breath of fresh air. Their members, as a whole, are energetic and full of life, and since they have only been around for a short amount of time, they still have a new quality to them.

Their songs are fantastic, performed with vigour and passion, and their skill is held up to the bar by the dearest front girl in the ...48 family, Jurina Matsui. An extremely hardworking and dedicated girl of just 14.

Jurina starred in AKB48's PV 'Oogoe Diamond', before SKE48 had even released their debut single, and at the age of only 11. Her serene disposition and mature looks could have you mistaking her for much older though. This is a girl who knows what she wants and goes for it. She takes everything in a cool stride. I respect her very much.

SKE48's single releases are always fun, their 6th and latest single 'Pareo wa Emerald' shows this. An upbeat, summery song with a PV to match. This is SKE48 at their best. With an addictive dance and pretty, floaty outfits, this release is a total hit.

They are standing aside from AKB with this single, and even though we see Jurina and Rena in most AKB releases, they fit in and shine much more in their own group. There also seems to be less rivalry and more friendship in SKE. Which I may be taking purely at face value but I think it is important. Quoting Ayaka Umeda from AKB48's Team K 'You shouldn't see friends as rivals, good friendship means you shouldn't have to worry about that' - from a TV program that revealed a lot about different members' personalities.

But back to SKE48, the main reason I like them is their energy, their freshness and that I really want to learn more about them. I will be a fan for years to come.

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Beep! Now to the Giveaway! You MUST be a follower of my blog to enter, and please spread the word! The more entrants the better!

You have to comment on this blog with a good answer to this question:

'Who is your favourite member of the ...48 family and why?'

Get creative but don't go overboard on the word count! You could WIN a Limited C version of Pareo wa Emerald by SKE48! The winner will be announced two weeks from now! [Worldwide entries welcome!]


  1. I wanna try!

    My favorite 48 member is Shinoda Mariko! Her beautiful look got my attention from start. She really stands out of other member 'cause her heigh. And she has got also pretty funny side which comes out in tv shows. But I like her cool and adult style.

    What really made me to name she as my oshi was Majisuka Gakuen! Her role as Sado was so perfect.
    That might sound strange but I really loved her acting on it. It fits her so well.

    If I think her other works. It's wonderful that she has got other jobs. She's also model and now there will be her own magazine. It feels so awesome. She can achieve her dreams.

    And today I started to cry when it was accounted that she won Janken tournament. It was so good feeling to wait and hope that she'll win~ I'm so happy for her

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  5. My favourite member of the 48 family is Takahashi Minami.

    The first time i saw the PV for Beginner the first thing I thought was: "This girl looks so strong. I would like to be more like her. "
    Beginner was the first clip I saw of them. Then, after the PV, after THIS GIRL, I start searching more about them and I'm falling more and more by the family 48.

    Then, one day, it was announced a dance contest at my school. I was so excited because I had already done a few years of dance classes and a friend agreed to join me to participate to the contest.We rehearsed a few days, but missing a week for the competition, she stopped going to school. I tryed to contact her, but she never answered the phone, never answered my messages and was never at home.
    I was so sad because I was so excited, i cried so hard. Having to give up the things would like to do is really discouraging.

    A day before the contest I told the teacher what happend and that we wouldn't participate anymore. ( I waited until the last day for doing this, hoping for news of my friend.) He told me not to give up but, if i do, it's okay.
    I went home, still sad, but thoughtful. I was with my headphones and then my phone randomly chose "Beginner".
    " IN YOUR POSITION, SET! " Takamina seemed so determined when she said that. "Yes, i WILL be more like her", I thought.

    I went home, and rehearsed the rest of the day, for more than 8 hours. It was so painful, but I told myself this time I would be strong, i would be like Takahashi Minami.
    The next day I went to school, got sick before going onstage, but even so, I said I would be brave as Takamina. When I lifted my hand and said those same words as her, I never felt so strong. I surprised myself and everyone at school. I received compliments from everyone but, most importantly, I felt so proud of myself.

    That's why she is and will always be my favorite from the 48 family.

  6. My favourite is in AKB48 whose name is Sashihara Rino. At first I feel very normal with her, she has normal look but as I approach her even nearer, I find her very humorous. I can't stop myself from liking her more when I heard she is the No.1 Idol Wota in AKB...

    I feel like she is just a normal girl sitting beside me and will fangirling on the idols I like (I'm an idol fan too) and we will discuss our fave groups overnight. I feel like she is a total normal girl and didn't have the feelings of one of the popular member of the most popular group in current time.

    I envy her for being able to like every groups in Japan without bias and she is the person who inspire me to be like her and even buys lotssome of CDs to support the idols I supported.

    While Jurina is the girl I most like in SKE48 as she is very young to debut which as you've said 11 years old. I'm attracted to the fact that she is younger than me but she is one of the most popular person in Japan. It makes me feel like I need to do my best in whatever stuffs I'm doing. Her mature look even makes me feel shy of myself (being older but more child-like) and I'm trying my best to look my age and be fashionable!

    These two oshimen of mine inspired me in their own ways and appeals me with their own specialty.

    Hope this not so long... It is hard to express my love towards them without making it long...