Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Poll Winner + New Giveaway!

Poll Winner!

The winner of the most recent poll asking the question:

"Which is your favourite Morning Musume album?" is.....

Yeah it's just me, you got a problem?

Fantasy Juuichi!


To say I am confused is an understatement. Picking F11 over 10 My Me or Rainbow 7, or Sexy 8 Beat doesn't make any sense to me, but the fact is, I am an older fan and a lot of you are newer fans. Thinking about this, I don't think this would have gotten this amount of votes if not for the Fantasy DX concert. So it's a credit to the new girls that they can do songs they didn't originally record really well. So I am not going to make any type of judgement. There were a HUGE input of votes this time, so thanks so much everyone for voting! Here is the breakdown of stats.

Fantasy Juuichi - 27% (44 votes)
10 MY ME - 23% (38 votes)
12, Smart - 16% (26 votes)
Platinum 9 DISC - 9% (16 votes)
4th Ikkimasshoi! - 8% (14 votes)
Cover You - 3% (5 votes)
Third Love Paradise - 3% (5 votes)
First Time - 2% (4 votes)
Rainbow 7 - 1% (3 votes)
Ai no Dai 6 Kan - 1% (2 votes)
Sexy 8 Beat - 1% (2 votes)

Second Morning, No. 5 and 7.5 Fuyu Mini-album got one vote each.

Please make sure to vote on the NEW poll!

[Which is your favourite AKB48 Team?]

Right. Now to the giveaway!

Be excited. This is a good one. In celebration of one of my favourite groups, SKE48, putting out a stunning shoujo-ai themed single, I am giving away a BRAND NEW copy of Kataomoi Finally. JUST FOR YOU!


That's right. Whoever wins this competition will be able to choose which version they would like of Kataomoi Finally and have it delivered straight to their house from (This competition is open internationally.)

To enter, you must be a follower of my blog, and answer this question:

What would you say to your favourite idol if you met her?

The winner will be announced 2 weeks from now! Good luck!


  1. My favourite idol is Yamamoto Sayaka. I've followed her since she was in the NMB48 auditions, and she caught my eye from the very beginning. How ever much I didn't try, I just couldn't help follow her every move.

    Soon she became a full member of NMB, then lead the first stage and made it to become Team N's captain; ultimately she's become NMB48's leader and front girl. I've watched her and willed her on to do all this and supported her with all my might.

    When I meet her there is so, so much I will want to say to her. All about how beautiful she is, how much hard work she puts in, how much energy she has, what a talented singer she is, how entertaining she is, what a great MC and leader she is, how she makes me happy, how she can get me to smile no matter how sad I am, how I wait for everything she does, how I hang on her every word and just how much she means to me.

    Though, I'm sure, when it comes to the time I meet her I'll loose my words. All I'll be able to say is, "I'm proud of you, Sayaka."

  2. My favourite is Matsubara Natsumi, I didn't know anything about her at first but she kept catching my eye whenever I saw her in concert DVDs. If I ever get to meet her I'd want to tell her that she deserves to be much more popular than she is and she's strong for staying so unpopular considering she's one of the founding Team K members.

    If I ever got to meet Kasai (My other top favourite) I'd want to tell her that even if she does get pushed out of senbatsu like the rumours are saying, I'll continue to support her in everything she does! :-D

  3. My favorite idol is Fukuda Kanon. I've been considering her as my oshimen for ... almost two years now, that's probably the longest time I've ever been a fan of something (not including idols).

    I've been following her since she was in Shugo Chara Egg!, the group made of four H!P Egg's. And then when S/mileage was formed, I finally decided between Yuuka and Kanon, that I liked Kanon more. I thought she was the prettiest, and the best singer out of the four Shugo Chara Eggs. Well I've been following S/mileage ever since, and still going strong. 0/

    If I was to meet Kanon....what I would say, would depend a lot on situation.
    My #1 thing I'd want to tell her, is that she is my oshimen. I'd really want her to know that she's the idol for me, best out of the bunch.
    If I only got 3 seconds in a handshake event with her, I'd tell her "You're my oshi and I really love you!".
    However, if I got the chance to talk with her longer, I'd also want to tell her I've been following her since SCE! and I really admire her, and want to be more like her, because she's so amazing. I'd tell her I'm proud of her, because of all she's gone through, and also that I actively read her blog !

    If I met her on the streets, however. I couldn't just go "Fukuda-san?", I really couldn't. I'd probably stop her politely and ask her where is place x. If she seemed to not be in a hurry and ready to help, I'd ask her if she really was Fukuda Kanon. and then I'd probably faint. or start crying. I'd probably tell her she's my oshimen and ask for a handshake at that point. But if she seemed like she's in a hurry, I'd just thank her and let her go and keep the memory all to myself.

  4. My favorite Idol is Watanabe Mayu. At first I wanted some unpopular AKB-idol to get in AKB because I often don't like things when they are mainstream. But then I saw Mayuyu and I didn't care if she was mainstream because I already was in love with her!

    I want to say to many things to her but I think the words I would say are "You're the cutest girl on the world!!"
    because even my little sister (when she watches AKB with me!) says she's the cutest girl

    (I sound like some old guy but I'm a girl orz)

  5. My favorite idol is Airi Suzuki. I've fell in love with her voice when I discover Buono. She has an amazing personially to go with her pretty voice.

    If I were to meet her I would ask her many things, but I'll definally say
    "You're the most amazing singer ever! Would you give me lessons?"
    That way if she says I get to see her again. Lol

  6. My favourite idol is Sugaya Risako. I hated her when I first met her and miraculously the hatred converted into love with great effort. I've been a fan of her for 4 years now (and magnificently has the most No.1 in my heart and one of the long-lasting female idol I've ever liked)

    If I'll ever been able to meet her, I'll say
    "I was very sure this is a dream because you're always my dream. Now that you're in front of me and smiling at me, I don't want to ask for anything just... can you be my friend?"

    Though I don't know I'll be able to say it if I ever meet her! ^^;

  7. I would say that my favorite idol is from ___48, but that wouldn't be true. My favorite idol is Iida Kaori, from Morning Musume. She was the first girl who ever caught my eye when I saw Morning Musume on TV for the first time, she was gorgeous and so full of talent. It has been almost 10 years since I discovered her and she has been a big part of my life ever since.

    If I met her, first off, I think I'd be speechless. What do you say to someone who has gone through so many obstacles to get to where she is now? Her personal trauma (with her child) is something that I (as a woman) would never be able to handle with such grace as she had? Even when that interviewer asked her about how it felt to be a mother (after her son had died), she was able to hold her head up high.

    Even being second best to Abe (in my opinion) made her shine more. She had great backing vocals and provided a lift to Abe's voice that she didn't have herself. Kaorin was an amazing singer that, I guess, didn't have the WOOHOO Idol factor that Abe had. Whatever, she's still my #1 idol!

    That all being said, I think this is what I would say to her if I met her:
    "Kaori-san, I admire you so much for being a strong woman that people can admire, no matter what age. You're beautiful and talented, a jewel to the Idol community. Thank you for being -my- idol."

    I love her so much, even now.

  8. Rather then say she's my favorite idol, Niigaki Risa is my idol. Though I've only been a fan of her since about August of 2010, I find her to have such an interesting character.

    Honestly, when I first saw/heard of her...I thought she was creepy. The first picture I saw was a picture of 12 year old Risa with her crazy pigtails. She was kind of scary in the picture. The second picture I saw of her was her profile picture for Seishun Collection. I can honestly say that the stylist did now justice in showcasing her beauty.

    After seeing her so much (Mechaike Bakajo, Utaban, Hello Morning, and Cinderella the Musical), she finally captivated me when I heard her performance of "Koe" from Hello Pro Hour.

    After that, I did everything to find out all I could about her because she is so interesting. She's gorgeous, she sings wonderfully, she's such a kind and thoughtful person, and she loves what she does, as you can clearly see when there are Hello Project concerts.

    If I ever met her, I'd try my best not to faint or get a brain fart. I'd just want to tell her "Niigaki Risa-san, I admire you so much. Please continue following your dream and I will continue supporting you. Never stop smiling!" while shaking her hand like crazy. \(^_^)/

  9. My oshimen above all oshis is Morning Musume's Mitsui Aika. Some people think she's nothing special. Some people hate her to no end. But in my eyes, she is lovely, strong, kind, wonderful. No matter what anyone says, no matter how many people tear me down, my love for her can and will never faulter.

    If I were to meet, I don't know if I'd be able to be calm in the slightest. Assuming I was calm -not crying or stuttering or saying "OMYGOD" ever few sentences- I'd probably tell her what she means to me. That beyond just bringing me happiness in her performing and beyond me seeing her as the most perfect idol, that she is something extremely precious to me. For a couple years now, she's become synonymous with one very strong thing. Hope. She is the source of my hope, my light, my happiness. My grandest motivation. There has never been a moment where I was utterly depressed that thinking of her or hearing her voice didn't help me. She is what keeps me going. Everyday, every time I'm hurting, every step I take is for her. My greatest goal is to one day meet her. And tell her all of this. I want her to know that somewhere in this big world, someone looks to her and sees in her everything that keeps them.

    If all these words were too much for me to string together, the best I'd do is "Aika, you are my hope."

  10. My favorite idol is by far Ikuta Erina. If I ever met her face to face I would tell her how much she brightens my day. Her smile makes my tears stop and calms me. How beautiful she truly is. No matter what she does I will support her. I would explain how I actually gave AKB48 a try because of her. My life would fall apart if something bad were to happen to her. When the earthquake happened the first thing that came out of my mouth was "Oh my god! Is Eripon okay?" I got on the computer immediately to check I was in tears cause I was scared for her. I love her like she was another part of me. I look forward to seeing her smiling everyday. I celebrated her birthday. I was so numb before but seeing her makes my emotions break free. I wonder if is secretly an angel sent to watch over everyone sometimes. When Hello! Online pulled an April Fool's Day and said she was going to transfer to AKB48 I was sitting there crying I decided that if she moves than I move. I know shows how bad a Morning Musume fan I am but I would still follow H!P just not as closely if she wasn't in. I love her and I want to protect her. She makes my day 5x better cause she is there.

    If I had to cut it short though I would tell her "Eripon, you saved my life when I was thinking I should die. But you showed me the light and that life is wonderful and important. Eripon, you are my angel and all ways will be! Thank you for being you."

  11. I have Many favourite Idol is Mitsui Aika.

    Why she's my favourite Idol....hmmm I'm not actually sure why. I just think she's so inspirational. She's a go getter and seeing her cry quite a few times over the last few months has broken my heart.

    Do haters not realize she's a person too? Just because you're behind a computer screen doesn't mean it's justified because you're not saying it in person. And if she has haters in real life I think that's just plain horrible. I know you don't like her Snapple but I'm glad I've never seen you hate on her. It would mean a lot if people would just say they didn't like her and leave it a that.

    Since becoming a Morning Musume fan in 2007, the first girl I saw was Aika and because of that I remembered her because she played a big part in the song. I didn't particularly favor her and my bias was Aichan until she left. Then Aichan left and I became a regular poster on Aika's H!O thread. (The only thread I'm regular on besides Eripons). I just had an Aika overload. I realized that I'd never really loved Aichan as much as Aika. Sure, Aichan is beautiful, Talented and damn right HILARIOUS but Aika is an example of a girl who has recently bloomed(In looks I think. She's got even more beautiful in late 2010) and found a strong position in MM as respectable senpai figure for the Kyuu/Jyuukies.

    If I met Aika, Although She'd probably likely to leave next, I'd probably Tell her to 'Be the last of the 2007-2009 Morning Musume!'

    Theres not much else to say to her except what has already been said by other fans.