Friday, 10 February 2012

❤ Tommy February6 New Song! ❤

❤ Tommy February6 New Song! 'Hot Chocolat' ❤

Tomoko Kawase - Everyone's favourite double-personality singer is back with a new song from her up and coming collaboration album 'February & Heavenly', pictured above. This album, while some of the songs are covers (as in, Heavenly doing February songs and vice-versa, giving them a new spin) there are a few new songs too. Namely this one, the first in what I hope is a tumble of new PV's for this hotly anticipated album.

Thanks to AramaTheyDidn't for posting the PV.

So what do you think? I think she's really getting back to a great sound here, akin to her album 'Tommy Airline' - her image is really sweet and the video clip is very February. Lollipops and a slight dark undertone. I hope we see some performances of this very soon along with a new Heavenly6 song? Please?

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Poll Winner + Graphic Competition!



Sayaka is so pleased with you, she will give you a cake with her face on it.

Realistically, I don't see how there could have been any other winner. Team K are amazing and their performances are often the most energetic out of all of the teams, that said, all 5 options got a good amount of votes. 86 votes all up. Thanks very much for voting everyone! Here's the vote breakdown:

Team A - 20 votes (23%)
Team K - 43 votes (50%)
Team B - 16 votes (18%)
Team 4 - 4 votes (4%)
Team Kenkyuusei - 3 votes (3%)

Now, onto the next ports of business. There are 2 things, a new POLL -
'Which is your favourite ...48 release from this round?' - Please make sure to vote! This poll is shorter than others at only two weeks so get your vote in today!


Yui is listening..

Also, I'm looking for a new style to this blog. So I am starting up a new competition. The prize is promotion on this blog with a special part on it that links straight to your blog or website,(permanently, even after I change the layout) - the entry is going to be slightly harder this time. I want you to design a new look for my blog. Here are the requirements:

- Must be cute and sparkly, and it CAN be AKB48/SKE48/NMB48 themed but it doesn't have to be. Please no Hello Project themes. If you are going with an idol theme it would be a good idea to ask me what members I like first. (Comment below with any questions).

- Must include 'Ichigogo!' on the header in some way, but preferably hiragana. Feel free to incorporate strawberries into the logo or header.

- Include a good space on the sidebar for your own blog link and create something pretty to link to it! (an icon that will fit into the sidebar and not widen it would be perfect)

- Must be compatible with blogspot. I'd also like the dimensions of this blog to stay the same, but I would love an 'easy to access all posts' sidebar of some sort.

- Sidebar has to stay practically the same (Poll first, blog list second, popular links third, pageviews fourth, members fifth, about me and blog archive sixth)

- Header to be no wider than 975 pixels but can be higher or shorter than current.

- Feel free to create a background as well, or to use a current blogspot background.

- Please upload your pictures to your own servers, use imgur or photobucket or tinypic, please don't hotlink!

- NO PLAGIARISM. If I find anyone using someone elses work they will be disqualified.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. This will be a month long competition. So you all have until March 8th to come up with something really pretty and get your blog or website permanently featured on this blog! (As part of it's own section with it's own graphic, not just as part of my blogroll) - Please EMAIL me the html entries to:

Good Luck!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

February Release Month!

February Love!

After being rocked by scandal earlier this year, I hope that the ...48 groups and H!P and all the other idols have a very stable 2012!
This month is a CRAZY month for releases, we had a taste at the end of January with a lot of new stuff like Kumi's 10th album, Momusu's 48th single and SKE48's fantastic 8th single. February seems a huge release month, perhaps because everyone is recovering from Christmas and finally has money again? Unless you're a student in the southern hemisphere, then you are about to become very broke as it's the start of the new school year!

This month we have:

Give Me Five - AKB48

The song where the senbatsu (chosen unfortunately, not voted for, so be prepared for a big lack of Sayaka, Yuka, etc) have all learned to play instruments. A few days ago it was revealed that this had maybe been plagiarized from a classical piece, and was being investigated. They do sound similar and I really hope that nothing bad happens and it's not pushed back, as the pre-order versions have already sold out on all the major websites.

The song is really catchy but I wouldn't say it's the best Sakura single I have heard (Five is the amount of petals a Sakura blossom has, so that's where the title comes from) - I was hoping for something like Sakura no Shiori or Sakura Ki ni Narou, but perhaps that's why it's not like either of these. Aki-P loves a surprise, and this was certainly a good one! They have all worked really hard to make the instrumental sound surprisingly good for only a few months practice. I'm sure it will sell really well and they will get yet another record broken!

Next up:

Mujin Eki - Misaki Iwasa

What a beautiful release this is. I knew hardly anything about Misaki Iwasa (or Wasamin) before this release. I knew she was a stunner after seeing her in Watarirouka Hashiritai 7, but I never realized she was this talented, and she's only 17 too. I wasn't originally going to order this (how many times I've said that I don't even know...) but it's just too awesome not to have as a physical copy. Such a clear voice and a beautiful song. Enka suits her so much and I hope this won't be just a one off, and she will have many more solo outings. Unfortunately most of the PV's available are either previews or mini-versions, but I am sure once all of them are released it will be slightly easier to find full versions on youtube or youku.

Next is:

Junjou U-19 - NMB48

This is a GREAT release, with the couplings being just as good as the A-side. Also, Sayaka's solo song, which we are all hotly anticipating, as she is a gem of a find in the idol world. This song is 'Innocence U-19' - with the juxtaposition that they are all acting positively badass in the video clip. 'They aren't innocent at all!' you may cry, yes that's right, they will kick your ass, and it will hurt. This is the single where NMB are going to come into their own. Hopefully we will see them separated from the other ...48 groups and doing some promotion of their own, standing on their own two feet. I've bought this, and I'm looking forward to seeing the sparkliness of this release on the big screen!


Synchro Tokimeki - Mayu Watanabe

Full PV! Watch it quick before it gets taken down. If it already has, I'm sorry. ;_;
This is a super cute PV and an adorable song, yet her voice is super nasal here and I don't really think she suits solo releases, she definitely works better in a group. That said, she's a great actress and the 4 persona's she portrays in this video clip are all awesome. This is the theme song to her drama, and if it goes well, perhaps they will give her differently themed songs as well? I'd love to see her tackle a slower song, as her voice seems to strain when it goes too fast.


Chotto Mate Kudasai! - S/mileage

The only H!P act still worth listening to in my opinion have released yet another adorable song. First one without Yuuka Maeda but it seems they can still hold their own quite strongly. This has quite an old school sound to it that really works. Their voices collectively have come down an octave, so I can finally appreciate their songs. I wish they'd spent like, 50 more dollars on better outfits that look less like smocks though. :/ S/mileage cannot afford any more graduations, so I hope 2012 is a more stable year for them.


Guru Guru Curtain - Nogizaka46

Thanks Charlotte!

The 'rivals' to AKB48 have their first single coming out on the 22nd. It is adorable, it sounds like Onyanko Club, the costumes are hideous, it will probably reach Number 1. But let's get something straight, you are not AKB's rivals yet. Work for 6 years to get famous, with blood, sweat and tears and a load of graduations and then come back to me. Considering they have performed at AKB's concerts, I cannot consider them rivals just yet. The video above has a few CM's but you can very clearly hear the song in the background. I think good stable PV previews should be out in a few days.

Last Minute Addition!

Sakura Regret - Flower

Flower's second single's preview has come out, and the preorder links have finally come up on YesAsia. Their first single limited edition is already sold out so buying this is an investment if you love FLOWER. I think they are the most entertaining out of all the E-Girls. This song sounds great from the mini-preview above. It comes out on February 29th!

Very looking forward to all of these! Which are you looking forward to? Either these or anyone else who is releasing in February! There are a lot of them!