Monday, 21 November 2011

Top 10 Current Idol Vocalists.


Who are your favourite idols? Well forget about them. This is about the best singers in idol groups. Current and active only. I may also make a former idols best vocalist's list as well, but that will be a lot harder than this one. I am not including any vocalists who are being promoted as serious singers, even former idols who are now artists are being excluded (eg: Maki Goto).

Here they are! The top 10 current idol vocalists! (In my opinion xD)

10. Risa Niigaki (Morning Musume)- Now the longest serving member of Morning Musume, she's always had a deeper voice than most, but can also hit falsetto notes with a beautiful flowing sound. Her voice is now carrying Morning Musume though, as she is by a very long shot better than their next best vocalist. Reina Tanaka.

9. Yuko Oshima (AKB48 Team K) - I remember her being a lot better than they give her credit for now, maybe because she is constantly trying to make herself sound cute, but her voice is actually very good. Listen to 'Kinjirareta Futari' - it's delicate, it's husky, and she sounds very good hitting either high or low notes. They need to give her more ballads to sing as she is very good at conveying emotion.

8. Ayano Konishi (Tokyo Girls Style)- This girl has some serious pipes on her. Sounding better than idols twice her age, she was born to sing and perform. Apparently her nickname is 'perfect voice' - I can see why. Tokyo Girls' Style as a group are ridiculously talented in both singing and dancing, and I'd eventually love to see some solo careers come out of them. Especially Ayano.

7. Miyabi Natsuyaki (Berryz Koubou and Buono!) - Always, since she was very young, being one of the best Hello! Project vocalists, she has a very unique sounding voice that you can always spot, being a tad on the nasal side in the high register, yet when in the low register, she sounds fantastic. Always a front girl since the very first Berryz single, I have a feeling she will be one of the (few) girls who will succeed after Hello! Project disbands.

6. Sayaka Akimoto (AKB48 Team K) - Extremely underrated as a vocalist, her deep and husky voice is perfect for rock songs like Blue Rose, DiVA is the most vocally powerful sub group in AKB48 and her voice is often dominating of other members because of it's power. She can also handle ballads and different styles of music. She has proven herself so many times and yet she still doesn't get the promotion she really deserves. Media Senbatsu for next year! Sayaka! I will vote for you!

5. Sayaka Yamamoto (NMB48 Team N) - WOW. Was my first thought when I heard the clearness and clarity of this beauty's voice. Her version of Bird is incredible, and it seems like this is really the vocalists AKB song, as Sayanee, Yuka, and Takamina have all gotten it as their lead songs. She will be the Takamina of NMB, whether she stays as popular as she is, or it goes up and down, she will probably always carry their songs with her great voice that can hit a varied range of notes.

4. Airi Suzuki (C-ute and Buono!) - Another H!P vocalist carrying the franchise. Although oddly, she sounded better when she was younger (anyone remember Aa!?) her voice is usually is quite high, and she is arguably one of the best, if not the best vocalist in current Hello! Project. Most of the H!P kids turned into very good talents, singers and dancers bar a few who never seemed to improve, but Airi was very good right off the bat. Her audition song was BoA's 'Kimochi wa Tsutawaru' and she was about 9 years old. Incredible.

3. Yuka Masuda (AKB48 Team B)- Originally from Team K and smashing most of the other girls vocals from AKB (especially from Team B)out of the park, Yuka continually proves her worth by doing beautifully strong versions of songs. The duet on the revised stages of 'Anata to Christmas Eve' with Sayaka Akimoto was fantastic.

2. Reiko Nishikunihara (SDN48) - While not the prettiest idol, and definitely one of the oldest in the idol industry right now. Her voice is incredible, it is a shame she doesn't get into any of the SDN A-sides, as she is the best vocalist in SDN48. Hands down. Hopefully for their last single all the girls get to shine. I'd like to see her get an enka or classical music career after SDN.

1. Minami Takahashi (AKB48 Team A) - Nobody can really dispute this. (Well, feel free too though!) She is the queen of AKB48 and supports many, many songs with her strong and deep vocals. She gives everything she sings such a depth and emotion. I hope that eventually she gets her own solo career, as even though she may not be as popular as Acchan or Yukirin, she is infinitely more talented.

How about you? Who do you think has the best voice? Or has potential to one day have a great career?


  1. I really agree with you. Especially with Sayaka and I'm happy to see that she's on your list. That "Bird" is terrific<33

    I'm not good to say who's good singer or not but I can't complain with these! Somehow it's just right.

  2. The only one who, for me, coincides with your list is Miyabi, of course she can sing, that's one of the many things I like about her. Maybe Airi too.

    I also add Ayumi Takada and Ogawa Mana from Canary Club (NGP). Ayubee can sing (and dance) and I dare to say that she could surpass over many idols in the business right now, even when she is theorically in an age (27) in which no one wouldn't consider her an idol. (She's the tiny one with glasses).

    About Ogamana, I suppose you know who she is, because she is the most visible face in the entire NGP and I think that no one can deny she has a clean and beautiful voice.

    From AKB and its substitutes, the only girl I care is Ayaka Umeda, mainly because I like her as a woman more than an idol (well, I like most idols in this way), but she can sing, even when I don't like what she sings (I don't like their music), but sure I like the way she sings.

    Unfortunately, most idols I like are not idols anymore, so therefore they could be in a former idols list.

    BTW, I like your header. Have you made it? I think is too cute ^^

  3. ^ Thank you! Yes I did make the header. xD I took an existing picture of Ichigo Moshi and extended it outwards and upwards myself (and added the text xD)

    Also yes, I used to listen to NGP a bit but they've been a bit inactive of late. If I do a former best vocalists though..that will be a lot of work! I love Ayaka Umeda too! She's great!

  4. I totally agree with you about the AKB-related girls!I don't know the others apparently.Yes,Sayaka doesn't get the attention she deserves,but that's mostly because at most fans ''cute'' kind of girls appeal more.I love her rock songs!
    Same with Takamina,Itoshisa no Accel and songs like that rock,and judging from Infinity musical they both sing pretty well live too.
    About Yuka,she's without a doubt a great vocalist,but she just didn't manage to catch my attention much (although i love DiVA). And Yuko,what to say,watch her singing at Confession :D She's great at dancing and her singing gets improved all the time.
    P.S.I am cosmosphere85 from btw,and sorry if my comment is too long >_<;

  5. ^ Thanks! Your comment is fine! xD I think stronger girls appeal to other girls more than the super-cutesy ones. It would explain why Sayaka has so many fans. I wish Yuka was still in Team K! I am glad she is in DiVA though. I love them too.

  6. Ok managed to log in to my unused blogger account :) will be following you^^

  7. I'll gladly put Miya on higher position than Airi. ha. Same can be said for Yuka being #1 on my list rather than Takamina. Yuka's bird is really the best version ever. :P

    And... no, Yuuko isn't a great singer. There are still a lot of girls in AKB who are better than Yuuko. Try Sato Natsuki.

  8. ^ The problem is a lot of them aren't as publicized as others. I will definitely check her out though! Thanks! <3

  9. My choice for an awesome idol singer is my favorite idol, Miyoshi Ayaka of Sakura Gakuin. I think her solo towards the end of the song "message" says it all! I'm also a fan of two girls from Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku, Hoshina Mirei and Matsuno Rina. They both have great voices, and I think we can expect good things to come from these young girls.

    I don't follow AKB48, so I can't comment on them. I agree with Miyabi of Berryz Kobo, even if she is not my favorite member of that group. I also agree with Ayano of TGS, even though I stopped following them.

  10. As much as I love Takamina (She's by AKB bias after all <3) I don't think she could outsing Risa, Airi or Miyabi... I think Reina too has better singing abilites - Takamina always sounds great and stable, but her range isn't really that good (Inifinity musical was sorta meh - Gaki as Prince Charming in Cinderella was far more convincing). I also think that Sayaka (AKB one) can sing just as well as Takamina can ^^ And I'd actually put Yuko out of this list... I can't say much about the TGS, NMB and SDN girls here since I don't really know them ^^

  11. ^
    ^ I REALLY need to know more about Sakura Gakuin. I really like them so far but I just don't know enough about them yet to cite specific singers.

    ^ You are definitely right about live singing Keksi, Gaki is infinitely better than a lot of the girls here in live singing, as H!P is usually a great training place for live singing. AKB not so much, but I just think Takamina has a better range when it comes to recording voices.

    About Reina, she USED to be good. If I was doing this list in 2006. She'd be right up there. In my opinion though she has completely lost it the past few years though.