Thursday, 1 July 2010

Music Selection

Currently, I am trying to catch up on a few months not following my usual suspects in the music scene. Which is odd for me, falling out of touch like this. I would really like to start getting back into all of the Jpop scene. As I am hoping to spend some time over there, either next year or the year after that.

As for music, I have discovered some new artists I really like. One of them is Aya Kamiki. I don't know why I never listened to her seriously before, but I am sure I have some of her music somewhere. She's cool, she's really punky and has a different sounding voice to generic pop stuff.

At the moment, I am checking out AVEX's new releases. They are always guaranteed to have quality music. I am looking forward to SUPER*GIRLS when they eventually bring out their new music. They have a range of different ages and looks, and I hope they do better than AKB48.

(and hopefully aren't as attractive for pervy old men >.>)

It'd be wicked if anyone could hit SweetS style of music, as they were just the best pop band I've heard in years.

Kumi's new single 'Fishbowl' looks kick-ass. Also, Maki's new single 'Eyes' looks quite good as well, although she is really sexing up her act lately. She has been for a few years, but you'd think she would have classed it up a bit now. It may take her a while I suppose.
Years of acting like an innocent schoolgirl type in MM probably stuffed her up for a few years. Ha~

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