Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Winner of SKE48 Giveaway!

Hail to the Chief

I have read all of the entries over and over. I absolutely loved all of them. It was extremely hard to pick a favourite as you all really put an effort in. Thank you all so much for entering and getting involved in my blog! This will probably be the last big giveaway for a while but I promise you will be able to get involved in more projects I am planning for the future.

The Winner is....!


I loved your entry on Morning Musume's longest serving member and how heartfelt you feel about her. All of you, keep supporting your idols! I now need you to comment on this entry with your email address so I can send you the options for SKE48's new single.

Now onto the next item of business. This blog is about to become a shrine to Sayaka Akimoto for 2012. I want to see her in Senbatsu again, and I want to see her HIGHER than her position last year (which I believe was #17) - I also want to bring existing AKB48 fans knowledge of her brilliance and beauty, and the need for her to get recognition. We have to start early, and I am thinking of getting fan shirts and banners made. This is about to turn into an AKParty! Look out for the new look for this blog and the next post, which is going to discuss what WE can do to support Sayaka this year! ❤


  1. Aww! I didn't win. Oh well congrats to Rini. Sayaka is amazing and should be shown more!

  2. ^ There will be another giveaway in about 2 months time so don't worry! :3

  3. AKParty! I initially read that as "AkiParty" and I imagined AkiP in the Heavy Rotation PV...... ;__;

    Sayaka is amazing, and so fierce! I wouldn't mind going a couple o' rounds with her ;D

  4. Oh geez I didn't expect to win haha ^_^; But I'm totally glad!~ :D Everyone had great submissions as well!! Thank you for choosing me ^^

    My email is :D

    Thank you again!

    Yay Sayaka!~ <3

  5. Sayaka > Mostly all of the members.