Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Poll Winner + Graphic Competition!



Sayaka is so pleased with you, she will give you a cake with her face on it.

Realistically, I don't see how there could have been any other winner. Team K are amazing and their performances are often the most energetic out of all of the teams, that said, all 5 options got a good amount of votes. 86 votes all up. Thanks very much for voting everyone! Here's the vote breakdown:

Team A - 20 votes (23%)
Team K - 43 votes (50%)
Team B - 16 votes (18%)
Team 4 - 4 votes (4%)
Team Kenkyuusei - 3 votes (3%)

Now, onto the next ports of business. There are 2 things, a new POLL -
'Which is your favourite ...48 release from this round?' - Please make sure to vote! This poll is shorter than others at only two weeks so get your vote in today!


Yui is listening..

Also, I'm looking for a new style to this blog. So I am starting up a new competition. The prize is promotion on this blog with a special part on it that links straight to your blog or website,(permanently, even after I change the layout) - the entry is going to be slightly harder this time. I want you to design a new look for my blog. Here are the requirements:

- Must be cute and sparkly, and it CAN be AKB48/SKE48/NMB48 themed but it doesn't have to be. Please no Hello Project themes. If you are going with an idol theme it would be a good idea to ask me what members I like first. (Comment below with any questions).

- Must include 'Ichigogo!' on the header in some way, but preferably hiragana. Feel free to incorporate strawberries into the logo or header.

- Include a good space on the sidebar for your own blog link and create something pretty to link to it! (an icon that will fit into the sidebar and not widen it would be perfect)

- Must be compatible with blogspot. I'd also like the dimensions of this blog to stay the same, but I would love an 'easy to access all posts' sidebar of some sort.

- Sidebar has to stay practically the same (Poll first, blog list second, popular links third, pageviews fourth, members fifth, about me and blog archive sixth)

- Header to be no wider than 975 pixels but can be higher or shorter than current.

- Feel free to create a background as well, or to use a current blogspot background.

- Please upload your pictures to your own servers, use imgur or photobucket or tinypic, please don't hotlink!

- NO PLAGIARISM. If I find anyone using someone elses work they will be disqualified.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. This will be a month long competition. So you all have until March 8th to come up with something really pretty and get your blog or website permanently featured on this blog! (As part of it's own section with it's own graphic, not just as part of my blogroll) - Please EMAIL me the html entries to:

Good Luck!

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