Friday, 21 December 2012

My Love/Hate Affair with Technology [plus poll winners and Idol thoughts]

TechnoMANIA and Me

Yep that's me. Sayaka 2012 poster calendar in the background yooeeh

Ever since I started with Tumblr and got back into using social media eg; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, my creativity has taken such a dive. I feel like if I was living in a time before computers my brain would be as active as Noel Fielding on crack, but being so easily distracted by so many different programs at once turns my mind into a big lump of moosh.

I love talking about idols and Japan, and even just rambling on about fitness, food and other things but I have to try and stay focused. In the new year I'd like to make this blog more personal, there will still be plenty of idol talk but it will also be about me and my thoughts. If I don't put them out there and force myself to write I will turn into another social media zombie just like everyone else, and that'd be damn sad.

Smartphones do not help either. I thought to myself 'I won't get addicted' - but of course I did and now I am just 1/100 people checking their phones on the train instead of reading a book or writing in a diary. This I dislike and would like to start some sort of weaning program in the new year. I love my phone and it is extremely handy but I do not want it to become like a third hand to me or something.

Before I started a writing course I thought writing might be something I want to do in the future, it still is but I need to have free rein over my work and not be bound by assignments forcing me to come up with a topic. This is why what I am actually doing is such a good idea, Commerce and Japanese, one of my friends keeps coming up with commerce as a generic degree but I think he means communications. Either way he doesn't realise that getting tertiary education is so important to me.

At this rate, I will now have two degrees before I turn 30 and then I can maybe start on a Masters or MBA depending on what I want to do. I feel, in my situation, the more education I can get, the better.

Here's to the New Year!

Back to Idols!

The winner of the last release round poll was Gingham Check with 5 votes, second was Kiss Datte Hidarikiki with 4 votes, and Virginity and Hashire! Bicycle both with four. Please vote on the new release round!

Graduations have been happening so much lately and now two beloved members of AKB48, second generation's Yuka Masuda and Tomomi Kasai, are leaving. Yuka got caught up in an apparent 'scandal' but it seemed like maybe she was looking for an exit anyway. I have no idea if DiVA will continue but I hope they do in some way as I really love them as a vocal group.

Tomo~omi announced her graduation at the AKB48 Kouhaku song battle, luckily with hers we are getting a solo single and a photobook, so I think perhaps she has thought about this for a long time. I'm still extremely sad that both of them are leaving, the second generation is looking very sparse these days.

Morning Musume's new single covers have been released and they are atrocious. I could do better photo editing myself and I only have gimp. *cue laughter* hey!

Type B Limited, the only decent one, albeit its simplicity. :/

check them all out here

The only good thing I seem to notice about these covers is that everyone gets a go at being in front, which is nice. Maybe now Reina is leaving they will have the chance to distribute lines better, although lets face it, Hello! Project have never been great at that! This is also the first single where Sakura Oda gets a look in, so hopefully she lifts MM to a new level. The members likeability rate is at a high so I'd love to see them actually getting good songs/designs/costumes once in a while.

The idol boom seems like it may have hit it's peak, now with all the former Team 4/KKS members being pushed in AKB48, 2013 might be a big year for graduations, so prepare yourself if you're a fan of any members who have been there a while. Tokyo Girls Style and FLOWER/E-girls are still going strong though so maybe it's time to switch focus to the newer, fresher and more musically-focused groups. Or just ride the wave like we always do and enjoy it! Idols are more addictive and pumping out more music than ever and there's loads to choose from with a personality for every fan. Let's support our favourite idols in 2013 too!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Ichigogo!

[PS: There will be more giveaways in 2013 :D]


  1. Have a wonderful holiday season and new year~ :D

    One of the main reasons why I haven't gotten a smartphone (besides the ridiculous price o.O) is because I don't want to end up as one of those people XD I've seen a lot of people who become so needy and clingy with their phones since they can't text or go onto social media.

    Blogging is cooler anyways! XD I hope you're able to keep up with your blog ^^ I'll do my best to support you too~

  2. Thank you Rini! *huge hugs* Yes I am definitely going to make a proper effort this year to try and keep it as updated as possible, I hope your Christmas and New Year was wonderful too!