Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Poll Winner + NEW Giveaway!

Congratulations SUNNY!

omg me? awesome.

What a fantastically heated poll. You guys LOVE Sunny and Taeyon, they were head to head for a long time. Just last night Sunny was only 1 vote ahead! Here are the stats.

Sunny got 18 votes (23%)
Taeyon got 15 votes (19%)
Sooyoung got 13 votes (16%)
Yoona got 10 votes (12%)
Jessica got 8 votes (10%)
Hyoyeon got 6 votes (7%)
Seohyun got 3 votes (3%)
Yuri got 3 votes (3%)
Tiffany got 2 votes (2%)

It seemed like some of you changed your mind near the end as I saw some members go up and down quite erratically! Thank you all for voting and make sure to vote in the new poll!

What is your favourite Morning Musume album?


NEW Giveaway!

Oh hay there Berryz.

So readers, it is your lucky day, here at Ichigogo!★ We are doing another giveaway! You could WIN a Limited Edition B - Berryz Koubou single from 2011 'Heroine ni Narou ka?'
It includes the obi, a DVD with a 'single dance shot' version of the PV on it, and a ticket to an event. It comes from a smoke-free home and is in very good condition.

You must be a follower of my blog to enter, and you must answer the following question in a comment on this post.

What is your favourite Berryz Koubou song and why?

Good luck everyone, and the winner will be announced 2 weeks from now!

Worldwide entries welcome!


  1. My favorite Berryz Single is defo Special Generation!
    Yes, it was released way before I became a fan. Yes, this is a sorta lame answer.

    But, this was my first Berryz song (probably because it is/was the most popular Berryz song).
    It's an amazing song, it's mature, cool and energetic at the same time, it really hypes the crowd at concert and the girls themselves seem to enjoy it a lot!
    This is about the song itself, but this is not the main reason why SG is my favorite - when I first found it on YT, I was looking through the comments, and there were people commenting things like "Who is Miyabi?" "Miyabi is the girl singing at XX:XX". Since I wanted to get to know Berryz better, I skipped to part XX:XX and there was the girl that had stood out to me because of her super-cute (and for a young girl very pretty) appearance as well as her awesome singing (wowowow yeah~) and beautiful voice.

    So SG to me is not just an awesome song/single, but also the start of me learning Berryz' names, Miya's name and the start of me beginning to learn more about H!P in general.

  2. Well, "Special Generation" is my favorite too, but since I can't possibly compete with the love the above person obviously has for the song, I guess I'll go with favorite #2: "HAPPY! Stand Up". I love rockin' songs the most, and the guitar in this song makes me get out my air guitar every time! Plus, I love to sing along with the chorus, which has some English in it. This, and "Otoko No Ko", are the two Berryz Kobo songs that come close to being metal songs!

  3. My favourite Berryz Koubou song is 'Furare Pattern.' Everyone does so well in it and when you hear the kick-arse Miya lines you seriously have a fan-gasm! *Bows down to the wrath and sexiness of Miya* It's alot like 'Otoko no ko' which is one of my other favourites.

    I don't think my first H!P song 'Koi no Jubaku' will be happy if I don't talk about it. I'd listened to it a lot in 2007 but the title was in Japanese. Evcentually I asked and someone(about 3 months later) replied. I love it in concerts because of the L-O-V-E LOVELY MIYABIs :D

    x MayaChanShiDae

  4. My favorite song may be a more weird's not a single or anything...
    I can't say for sure if it's my favorite, because I really like all of Berryz songs and I don't think I can pick a 100% FAVORITE from any group....but it's definitely high up and was the first that came to mind!

    I really like the song Sprinter sung by Saki Shimizu and Miyabi Natsuyaki on their 4th album. I remember when I was just starting to get interested in Berryz (and idols in general, actually) I had decided to download ALLLL their music and put it on my ipod, so I could listen to it whenever and get to know them.

    Originally, this actually didn't work that well because I only listened to the songs I was already familiar with (Singles like Special Generation, Dakishimete Dakishimete, etc.) so I never found anything new. One day on a long trip, I fell asleep listening in the car. When I woke up (since my ipod was still playing and shuffles through the artist), the very first thing I heard was the little "DA DADA DI DADA DAN DAN" thing they do at the beginning of the song. It kinda woke me up xD I didn't know the song and considered changing it, but heard their little "WOW!" and just thought it sounded like such a cute song.

    I kept listening, and I just totally fell in love. It was totally adorable and fun and just made me wanna bounce around! It kinda opened me up more to other songs from that album, along with their other songs in general. (And of course I found some really great ones!)

    What makes the song even more special, now, is that my two favorite girls in Berryz are the ones singing it. At the time of finding it, I didn't really know ANY of the girls, just the group and the songs, I didn't pay attention to individuals. But after getting into Idols and paying attention to each girl, I found it interesting that these two ended up my favorite, and it makes me love and appreciate the song even more <3

    Lastly, I just must say- it's so cute when performed live! They are so adorable and energetic, and they seem so close. It's simply adorable >///< All their little facial expressions and bounces and high fives- I simply love it!!

  5. My favourite Berryz Koubou song is VERY BEAUTY. I'm always a sucker for a nice, relaxing song and this is one of those songs. The music is very uplifting and refreshing with the simple percussion, the cheerful piano and the either violin or wind-like main melody during the instrumental parts. (I'm not sure what it is, actually! ^.^") All the solo lines sound very "friendly" (Like it's not intimidating to listen to their voices and they don't sound aggressive) and charming, each girl putting in their own personality and flavour with each high note, each note they hold and each transition they sing. The group lines are very exceptional, as well, giving off an impression of unity, strength and warmth.

    It's not only the music or the vocals that make me love this song so much, but it also has to do with the meaning behind the lyrics. The song talks about being self-conscious about the way you look, fighting with the person you love, and just wondering about the little and trivial surprises that life has to offer. I think every girl has gone through something similar that the song addresses and sometimes, you feel helpless and alone because of those things. But, as the song says in the chorus, you can grow up to be lovely, beautiful and joyous as long as you hold back your tears and look on the bright side at all times. Listening to this song and remembering the meaning behind it makes me hopeful that, even though I can go through tough times, I can grow from my past experiences and yearn for a successful future, whether near or distant.

    It took quite a while to write about this song, but this is just an amazing song that definitely deserves love. I tend to listen to songs a lot and then get tired of them, yet I have listened to this numerous times and have never gotten tired of listening to it, and I hope that I won't ever get bored of it.

  6. My favorite Berryz Song is VERY BEAUTY ♥
    At first, I wasn't really interested in Berryz Koubou, I just liked °C-ute. But then, when Berykyuu had a joint concert, I started learning about Berryz to watch that concert knowing something at least xDU
    At first Risako really caught my attention, but Risako was the frontgilr, so I started to think if she was really my favorite because of her or because the agency was pushing her.
    But then, on that "Berikyuu nakayoshi concert", she and Airi sang VERY BEAUTY together and I realized that Rii was really my favorite, I couldn't even watch Airi's face because I was so surprised about Rii-chan ♥
    And then, every time I listen to VERY BEAUTY, I remember that magical performance that made me realize how beautiful and amazing is Risako and thinking how much I love her now ♥

    PS: Sorry about my english, I'm not a native speaker orz