Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Ue Kara Mariko Previews + Covers out!

Ue Kara Mariko [上からマリコ] - AKB48's 24th Single!

In September, Mariko Shinoda was the winner of AKB48's 2nd Janken Taikai, to determine who would be the senbatsu for this, the most recent single.

Some fantastic girls got into this, including Sayaka Akimoto (Team K Captain), Sumire Sato (Team B), Ayaka Umeda (Team K), Minami Minegishi (Team K), Tomomi Kasai (Team B) and Shizuka Oya (Team A). A few we haven't seen in A-sides before.

The original title was 'Hashire! Penguin' but that has been moved to be a Team 4 song for the theatre version of the single.

Here is the preview!

I like it, but I still would have preferred that it was a bit more rock style. I wanted a 'Blue Rose' esque A-side, that would have been incredible. It is still a very catchy song though, and since we haven't heard the entirety of it yet, it may still get better.

The covers are also out!

Gorgeous! If not a bit..well..photoshop heavy. I almost wish it was just Mariko on the cover alone. They've done it with Atsuko, why not with Mariko too? I will still probably be ordering though. I like the Team A cover, but I'd prefer the Team K song! Perhaps I will order both? Ah it's quite exciting.

What do you think of the covers and preview?


  1. The covers are fantastic. Stylish and classy just like her. It's a little bit scaring, because if it were from H!P it would be a graduation single.

    By the ways, It's "Amiga Pobre" XD
    The single just came for me last week. I was ready to travel to my cousin's wedding, that's why i didn't post here before.

    I wanna thank you again ^-^
    Thank you so much! I'm in love with the single!
    Here's some pictures: http://clockworkstrawberry.tumblr.com/post/12576159474/this-came-for-me-today-its-the-type-c-of-ske48s

    It's my first Japanese CD, even that i love this type of music, it's too expensive for me to buy them. So, i'm very happy! ^-^
    Thanks! :D

  2. YAY I am so glad it came! *excited*

    They are very expensive to buy. X_x sending me broke on a regular basis! Especially AKB, who seem to have something new out every 5 seconds.