Wednesday, 4 April 2012

NMB48's 'Nagiichi' Previews & more Acchan News

NMB48 - Nagiichi!

So cute it's sickening

NMB48 have been on a three-single roll, with great songs, fantastic B-sides and awesome PV's, NMB have been well managed since the start. CAN their 4th single match up? Here's your opportunity to check out the previews for their new song 'Nagiichi' (short for Nagisa de Ichiban Kawaii Girl, translates to 'cutest girl on the beach' which is sweet, I'm glad Aki-P didn't use the full title and pull a Tsunku >.>)

CM. Cute cheer-team style. Seems to be senbatsu vs undergirls.

Another CM. They all still manage to look amazing while dressed as bowling pins.

Tiny, tiny preview. So just watch it!

From the miniscule snippet we heard there, it sounds classically NMB (with that kind of interesting guitar riff that always seems to pop up, although it is welcome as it's awesome) - Lets face it, we all want a bikini PV to come from this, as we're all massive pervs. (Thanks to AramaTheyDidn't for providing the PV previews and CMs)


Next up:

Translation here.
Atsuko Maeda, with her impending graduation is not participating in the 27th single senbatsu election. This will make the game very interesting, as voters have already been speculating whether this means that Yuko has it in the bag.

I honestly hope she does because I would like to see her head another single, and with Acchan's graduation happening, it could start a slew of grads that I'm sure we'd all rather not see. The top 10 could be very, very different though and we will start to see NMB members voted in as well, and perhaps even more SKE members.

Considering that the senbatsu this year will include only 16 members, with the other 48 as undergirls, I think we are going to see a very different list of people this year. I really, really hope it's shown on a live stream this year!

What are your thoughts on Senbatsu 2012 and NMB48's new single?

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