Monday, 16 April 2012

Winner of the Underloved Girls poll!

Amina Oshi!

Congratulations Amina Sato!

Winning by only a few votes but a very deserving winner indeed, Amina Sato is the one you all want to see in A-sides. I do too. She is stunning, has a lovely voice and bucketloads of personality. She should be in senbatsu far more often then when she's voted in by fans. Clearly, we want more of her, but nobody is listening. :(

Here's the vote breakdown:

Misaki Iwasa - 13 votes (28%)
Shizuka Oya - 5 votes (11%)
Haruka Katayama - 4 votes (8%)
Haruka Nakagawa - 9 votes (20%)
Chisato Nakata - 2 votes (4%)
Sayaka Nakaya - 3 votes (6%)
Ami Maeda - 6 votes (13%)
Natsumi Matsubara - 5 votes (11%)
Mayumi Uchida - 4 votes (8%)
Ayaka Kikuchi - 6 votes (13%)
Miku Tanabe - 3 votes (6%)
Tomomi Natsutaka - 3 votes (6%)
Moeno Nito - 3 votes (6%)
Misato Nonaka - 4 votes (8%)
Reina Fujie - 13 votes (28%)
Sakiko Matsui - 4 votes (8%)
Haruka Ishida - 5 votes (11%)
Kana Kobayashi - 5 votes (11%)
Mika Komori - 5 votes (11%)
Amina Sato - 15 votes (33%)
Sumire Sato - 12 votes (26%)
Natsuki Sato - 6 votes (13%)
Shihori Suzuki - 5 votes (11%)
Mariya Suzuki - 8 votes (17%)
Rina Chikano - 2 votes (4%) - Poor Chikarina! :(
Miho Miyazaki - 7 votes (15%)

Chikarina got the lowest amount of votes, which I find surprising as I think that girl is just fantastic. You all desperately want more Reina, Sumire and Wasamin, which I hope will be expressed in the next senbatsu elections coming up. Don't forget to vote in the new poll.

How many copies of AKB48's new single are you buying?

Senbatsu has come around again and we all want to vote! So let me know how many of Manatsu no Sounds Good! you are ordering!


  1. I ordered three editions~ I would have bought four if I had enough money but EMS shipping to Finland is terrible (>___<)

    But I'm kinda DD/MD, and I can't say that there's just one person to vote. I'll 100% surely give one vote to NMB48 Yamada Nana but then other votes are harder ones.

    For example my favorite AKB team members are Shinoda, Kasai and Sae. I decided that I won't vote Shinoda, she has placed so well in elections- And then Sae is kinda "safe" too since her position was 9. Kasai may have hard to get to top 16 so maybe I'll vote her.

    But then I love NMB48 the most so then I should vote Sayaka or Milky 'cause they'll have chance to place 1-64. (more than Nana but I just want to show my support to her)

    Or then should I vote Team 4 girls or Kenkyuusei's I like??

    Yeah.. I'm going crazy when I really need to choose my votes~~~~~

  2. ^ You are doing better than me! I am only ordering 2 editions and putting one vote in for Sayaka Akimoto and one for Amina Sato! =D