Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Rino Sashihara

The scandalous girl that divided fans.


The scandal made me sit up, take notice, and I loved what I saw. I even loved her for the scandal. She sent semi-naked pictures to a potential boyfriend when she was 14. This proves she was just a normal teenager, looking for validation like all of us were.

Then she lied about it, which I love her for, as if you'd tell the truth and just admit it was you straight out!

This girl is an energetic and sincere performer. When she pours her heart out on stage, you can read it all over her face. She seems down at times but when she smiles it lights up your heart. Her smile is gorgeous. HKT48 are very lucky to gain such a respectable and beautiful person.

Seeing her last performance with AKB48's Team A about a month and a half ago, she looks straight into the eyes of her fans as we cheer her on. She is a fantastic idol. The 'girl-next-door' idol, even. Someone you can connect with and really feel excited about their next move.

When she was high-fiving her fans after the show, she grasped my hand tightly and smiled at me, I made a heart shape at her and said 'ganbatte!' (good luck/do your best). She truly has made the best out of the situation. Staying in good stead with fans (there was a LOT of fans at her last performance and one man was wearing a 'SASHIHARA QUALITY' shirt.)and definitely gaining new ones.

Now with Rino and Aika Oota in HKT48 along with the AMAZING energy of the original HKT girls, we can anticipate with baited breath what their first single will sound like. I am hoping it is danceable and super fun, with a youthful sound. Nothing too mature yet.

Rino I love you and I will support you forever!

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