Friday, 22 June 2012

New Artists I have Listened to Recently

- One Direction Five attractive young men with excellent voices and decent dance skills are given an album with generic pop music to attract as many teenage girls as possible. - Adele Woman who sounds like Duffy reaches top of the charts with two very good and emotional albums but it has all been done before, by Duffy. - Marina and the Diamonds Bitchin' awesome woman creates fantastic songs that listener wants to listen to endlessly and be wrapped up with her amazing voice and presence. - Rino Sashihara Girly girl who emulates Aya Matsuura gets transferred to newest AKB-family group and undoubtingly leaves her solo career behind for a while. - miss A Beautiful and talented K-pop girl group kicks ass all over the place. Popularity ensues. This blog is slowly going to become more just music. Not necessarily just Japanese music but still definitely including it.

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